Volume XXVI, Issue 1

Faculty in Focus

Seriousness of Purpose and a Sense of Play
w/ Heather Harvey, Associate Professor and Chair, Department Art + Art History

W1: Critical Inquiry

Coming Out of the Vulcan Closet: The Queer Appeal of Star Trek
By: Will Cohn

Combatting Male Superiority Within Collegiate Hookup Culture
By: Katharine DeSantis

Modern Gender Politics Versus Civil War Camaraderie: Analyzing the Story of Albert D.J. Cashier
By: Caroline Draper

The Invisible Victim: Female Ableism in “The Evening and the Morning and the Night”
By: Erica Quinones

W2: Rhetorical Questions

Waste, Water
By: James Looper

Imitation Versus Emulation: The Emergence and Significance of Greek Art in Rome
By: Rebecca Kanaskie

The Monster of the Mind
By: Sarah Kelly

W3: Writing Across the Disciplines

Between the Lines: Race Versus Gender in American Studies and Black Women’s Writing
By: Pauline Bewermeier

Dismantling Performativity in The Country Wife and The Belle’s Stratagem
By: Erin Caine

The Impact of Conservatism, Union Membership, Age, Urbanization, and Education on Statewide Voter Turnout
By: Mai Do

“Now My Country and I are One:” Czartoryski, Lelewel, and Mickiewicz as Foundational Persons in Polish Nationalism
By: Patrick Jackson

Thoreau’s Dilling?
By: Julia Manaraze

From the Theoretical to the Practical: Tracing the Synthesis of Valentine de Saint-Point’s Artistic Theories in her Performance La Métachorie (1913)
By: Shannon Neal

Identity and Femininity in Flux: An Examination of Collage Figuration by Wangechi Mutu
By: Madi Shenk

Coexistence of Creeds
By: Eman Simms


Picabo French
Featured Artist

Dylan Grimes
Featured Artist

Ellie Lienert
Featured Artist

Eman Simms
Featured Artist

Casey Wolhar
Featured Artist


Volume XXVI Editorial Staff

Managing Editor, Justin Nash ’21
Associate Editor for Media and Design, MacKenzie Brady ’21