The Washington College Review is a journal that recognizes the best inquiry and expression in the liberal arts and sciences. We publish work that emerges from the four requirements of our college-wide writing program and is deserving of wider availability to readers in the Washington College community and beyond. We also feature artwork by students working in a variety of graphic media.

Critical Inquiry. W1: Writing the First Year Seminars.

Rhetorical Questions. W2: Writing from the variety of W2 courses.

Writing Across the Disciplines. W3: Work from Discipline-Based approaches to Writing in the Majors.

Capstone Experiences. W4: Research from Senior Capstone Projects.

Iconography. Featured Artwork.

As a journal for academic inquiry and expression, we publish remarkable work that traverses the breadth of the liberal arts and sciences, some of which might engage with challenging topics or controversial views. At the same time, in curating this work for publication, we affirm and adhere to Washington College’s commitment to “fostering a more equitable, inclusive, and engaged community that embraces all the complexity that each person brings to campus.” In our editorial practice we consult APA style guidelines for the use of bias-free language.

Submissions accepted late Fall/early Spring semesters. For more information contact Professor Meehan or one of the student editors listed on the masthead.

To submit to WCR, include your name, class, and the title of the course from which the work originates and send to: