Featured Artist: Picabo French ’19

Picabo French is a Biology and Studio Art double major. The following work was created for ART 492: Studio Art Senior Seminar.

Artist statement:
Amblyopia is a portrait. Amblyopia is a condition referred to commonly as a lazy eye, in which there is a misalignment in vision between the eyes that usually presents in childhood.
Wound/ Unwound is a portrait of unraveling and winding, setting up the two processes in juxtaposition to one another in an attempt to show the similarities between the two processes as it related to anxiety.

Picabo French is currently a senior at Washington College, where she is finishing her undergraduate studies in both biology and art. From Southern California, Picabo came to Washington College in the hopes of gaining a richer understanding of both scientific and artistic experimentation. She began dissecting and creating things, and as her passion for biology developed, she became increasingly interested in melding the two disciplines. At WAC, Picabo has had the opportunity to study her passions, and also play soccer and illustrate lichens of Acadia National Park as a Cater Fellow. Outside of WAC, Picabo has interned at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a member of the Planetary Protection Group. Later, Picabo hopes to be a physician-researcher in oncology.

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