Featured Artist: Dylan Grimes ’19

Dylan Grimes is a Studio Art and Biology double major. The following work was created for ART 394: Art and Language.

Artist Statement: “A sound progression of the heart going through common emotions from resting to more vigorous emotions.”

Heartbeat Progression

Dylan R. Grimes grew up in small town, Ridgely, MD. She is currently in her last semester at Washington College and is working towards two disciplines, Biology and Studio Art. She has expanded her love of photography, painting, and sketching to a more expansive use of unconventional materials to explore installation and textual language. Dylan’s interest in science, the environment, and service has influenced her artwork to become the artist she is today. She would like to combine both of her worlds to educate the future about art as a tool to express not only yourself, but the subjects that you are most passionate about.

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