Volume XXVI, Issue 1 Contributors

Pauline Bewermeier ’19 is a visiting exchange student and German teaching assistant from Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. An American Studies major and Cultural Anthropology minor, she is fascinated by different cultures and learning new languages. Her year at Washington College has been invaluable regarding both her studies and the opportunity to share her own culture and language with American students. After graduating, Pauline plans to pursue a career in intercultural relations. 

Erin Caine ’19 is an English major and Creative Writing minor who divides her time between fiction writing, playwriting, dramaturgy, and music. She’s the Lifestyle editor for The Elm, and a few of her short stories (and one play) have appeared in The Collegian. She’s in the middle of an SCE about Virginia Woolf, Michael Cunningham, and communal healing through literature. 

Will Cohn ’22 is a first-year hailing from Boulder, Colorado. She spends her time singing and songwriting and has a passion for entomology and film criticism. Her favorite beverage is iced coffee and she knows how to cook an egg in a waffle iron. 

Kat DeSantis ’22 is a freshman at WAC, recently elected as Parliamentarian of the Student Government Association, and otherwise involved as a coxswain on the Women’s Rowing Team, a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi, a delegate on the Model United Nations team, a “George’s General” school ambassador, and serves as the Communications Director of Hillel. Kat looks forward to sharing her piece with others so that everyone might play a part in breaking down the barriers of oppression and promoting a more just society for all.  

Caroline Draper ’22 is a freshman at Washington College majoring in history with a minor in gender studies. As a student at WAC she is involved with the history club, and works as an interviewer and archival processor for the National Homefront Project, an Oral History Program run through the Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience. She aspires to a career in historical research, with a particular interest in 18th and 19th century America and the intersection between our history and issues of gender and sexuality.  

Picabo French ’19 is currently a senior at Washington College, where she is finishing her undergraduate studies in both biology and art. From Southern  California, Picabo came to Washington College in the hopes of gaining a richer understanding of both scientific and artistic experimentation. She began dissecting and creating things, and as her passion for biology developed, she became increasingly interested in melding the two disciplines. At WAC, Picabo has had the opportunity to study her passions, and also play soccer and illustrate lichens of Acadia National Park as a Cater  Fellow. Outside of WAC, Picabo has interned at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a member of the Planetary Protection Group.  Later, Picabo hopes to be a physician-researcher in oncology.  

Dylan R. Grimes  ’19 grew up in small town, Ridgely, MD. She is currently in her last semester at Washington College and is working towards two disciplines, Biology and Studio Art. She has expanded her love of photography, painting, and sketching to a more expansive use of unconventional materials to explore installation and textual language. Dylan’s interest in science, the environment, and service has influenced her artwork to become the artist she is today. She would like to combine both of her worlds to educate the future about art as a tool to express not only yourself, but the subjects that you are most passionate about.   

Patrick Jackson ’19 is a senior History major at Washington College. He has interned at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, in the Photographic History Collection, and at the C.V. Starr Center for the American Experience for three years. 

Rebecca Kanaskie 21 is a sophomore English major and JEP minor from Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. She is a Peer Consultant in the Washington College Writing Center and a photographer for The Elm–when she isn’t busy reading, writing, or recommending music to friends, that is. Rebecca hopes to become a professor or photojournalist to combine her love for the arts and literature in striking and electrifying ways. She hopes you enjoy this piece and consider its implications on our ever-changing environment.  

Sarah Kelly ’22 is a freshman. She is double majoring in Business Management and Psychology with a minor in Marketing. She is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, creative writing, and listening to music. 

Ellie Lienert ’20 is a junior at Washington College majoring in Physics with no additional major or minor because physics is hard enough already. She is captain of the varsity sailing team and is a member of the Physics Club at the college. In her free time, she loves hiking, surfing, kickboxing, and drinking lots of coffee. After Washington College she plans to study Medical Physics at Georgetown University and conduct research on radiotherapy for cancer at their Medical Center, while serving in the US Navy Reserves as an Aerospace and Operational Physiologist.  

Jimmy Looper ’20 is a Junior at Washington College studying Environmental Studies and Anthropology, with a minor in Chesapeake Regional Studies. He is passionate about the intersections between environment and culture and hopes to use that passion to inspire aquatic conservation. 

Julia Manaraze ’21 is a local of the Chestertown area but thinks that the southern states are much more fun.  She enjoys anything that seems different, whether that is participating in male-dominated sports or trying food from different cultures.  Coming into college, she had no idea what major she was interested in, but now knows that the Humanities department embraces the flexibility and eclecticism she loves.  In her spare time, she loves to draw, sing, write, play the piano, lift weights, read, and practice mixed martial arts (of which she is the Club President at Washington College).  She thanks the WCR for this opportunity to showcase a portion of her academic efforts. 

Erica Quinones  ’22  is a freshman at Washington College majoring in English and toeing the line of a Political Science minor. She is a Staff Writer for The Elm, a clarinetist in the Concert Band, a member of Musicians Union, a member of the Washington Interactive Gaming Society, and attended one meeting of Writers Union. Despite her more-than abysmal attendance at club meetings, she plans on continuing her writing and hopes to improve and expand throughout her college career. She is thankful to Professor Brendon Fox for suggesting she submit her essay and for expanding her dystopic pallet beyond Orwell and Bradbury.  

Shannon Neal ’19 is a senior English major with minors in Hispanic Studies, Creative Writing, and Gender Studies. During her time at Washington College she has been an intern at the LGBT Community Center National History Archive in NYC and the Betty Boyd Dettre Library and Research Center at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. She conducted research as an assistant to Washington College Professor Elena Deanda in the British Library and the Library of Trinity College Dublin. Most recently, she acted as a poetry screener for the fifth issue of Cherry Tree

Madi Shenk 19 is a Chestertown-native and Washington College senior, majoring in Humanities and minoring in Studio Art. Madi is an intern at the Kohl Gallery and art editor for The Collegian.  She plans to pursue a career in arts administration and curation following graduation, and also hopes to continue her studies of 20th century and contemporary art history. 

Eman Simms 19 is a senior at Washington College, who is majoring in English and German, and minoring in Creative Writing. He has studied abroad this past summer at Universität Tübingen, Germany. He plans to pursue a master’s degree in either creative and professional writing or animation and graphic arts, and score a career in editing and publishing, story writing, or graphic design. Eman is a passionate artist, writer, and amateur music composer who has been working on his own novel series since the age of thirteen. During his freetime, he likes to write, draw comics about his fictional characters, and compose orchestras or piano pieces mainly on computer software, either as theme songs for his stories or characters or just because. 

Casey Wolhar  ’20 is a junior at Washington College, studying Studio Art and Communications and Media Studies. She is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, Radio Free George and has participated in the past two spring musicals. Casey is passionate about art and focuses mostly on performance art. She has interned at Kohl Gallery for the past two years and plans to continue during her senior year. 

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