Volume XXVII, Issue 1 (Spring 2020)

Faculty in Focus

Conjuring a Reader
w/ Emily Steinmetz, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

W1: Critical Inquiry

Becoming a Citizen Leader
By: Ian Adams

Regulatory Effects on Maryland Blue Crab Sustainability
By: Emma Cease

W2: Rhetorical Questions

The Unequal Treatment of Media and Communication Technologies
By: Patricia Rana

Writing to the Tune of Jazz
By: Saoirse

The Relationship Between Athenian and Medieval English Theatre and Their Governments
By: Nicholas Splendoria

W3: Writing Across the Disciplines

“You couldn’t be sure about anything”: Facades in William Trevor’s “Beyond the Pale” and “Death in Jerusalem”
By: Annalie Buscarino

Comic Book Orange: Contrasting Visuality as Representative of the Self in Invisible Man
By: Sophia Grabiec

Miles Morales as Influence or Influencer: Marvel Comics’ “Ultimate Spider-Man” in Diversity Discourse
By: Heber Guerra-Recinos

Theoretical Analysis: Marxist Exploitation Theory
By: Emily Kreider

Recommendations for Risk Assessments of Intimate Partner Violence
By: Saoirse


Meg Klink
Featured Artist

Katie Ecoff
Featured Artist

Liane Beckley
Featured Artist

Volume XXVII Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief, Justin Nash ’21
Managing Editor, MacKenzie Brady ’21
Associate Editor, Erica Quinones ’22