Featured Artist: Liane Beckley

By Liane Beckley, a Studio Art major and Journalism, Editing & Publishing, and Arts Management & Entrepreneurship double minor.

The following artwork was created for ART 394: Art as Inquiry.

Artist statement: This piece was created from modular cartographic images. The maps were generated from a GPS application I used to track my movements while walking through campus. The chaotic nature of the lines drawn on the glass surface is meant to materialize the anxieties felt by college students.

Insecure Path

Liane Beckley ’21 is a junior at Washington College majoring in Studio Art and minoring in Journalism, Editing, & Publishing as well as Arts Management & Entrepreneurship. She attends and photographs events on campus for her internship with The Pegasus, Washington College’s online yearbook. Liane’s photography work was exhibited at Washington College’s Spring 100 Proof virtual exhibition. She previously studied at College of Southern Maryland where she earned associate degrees in Arts & Sciences, Studio Art, and English.

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