Volume XXIX, SCE Issue

Editor’s Note

The Heart of the Community

By: Michelle Henry, Editor-in-Chief

W4: Senior Capstone Experience

The Effects of Alcohol and Caffeine on Depressive Systems in Wistar-Kyoto Rats

By: Shaniece Fraser ’22

Zombie Ants! Fungal Parasitism and Mechanisms of Behavior Manipulation

By: Nathaniel Braddock ’22

Hope is the Thing with Feathers: The Potential Impacts of the Political Implications of Popular Young Adult Literature: A Close Reading of The Hunger Games

By: Julia E. Clifton ’22

Real-World Economic Theory and Fictional Dystopia in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games Series

By: Maggie Moore ’22

The Illusion and Reality of Freedom Under Capitalism: An Attempt Existential Marxism

By: Emily F. Hurley ’22

The Effects of Estrogen on the ACL and its Relationship to the Increased Prevalence of ACL Injury in Female Athletes

By: Madison Parker ’22

The Importance and Promise of Medicaid as a Women’s Health Problem

By: Liz Hay ’22

An Examination of Bodily Autonomy in the United States’ Abortion Debate

By: Kat DeSantis ’22

Utopia and Religion

By: Josh Gastineau ’22

Native Allies “cannot be too highly appreciated:” Wabanaki Confederacy Contributions during the American Revolutionary War

By: Kitri Post ’22

The Innate Biases Involved in Interviews Conducted by Artificial Intelligence

By: Tegan A. McBride ’22

Revelation to Revolution, in Search of Queer Liberation through Self-Actualization, Self-Definition, and Group Mobilization in Science Fiction Narratives

By: Erica Quiniones ’22

Volume XXIX, SCE Issue Editorial Staff

Editor-In-Chief, Michelle Henry ’23

Managing Editor, Emma Reilly ’23

Associate Editor, Natalie Martinaitis ’25