The Heart of the Community

Arriving at Washington College during the height of the pandemic and then joining the Washington College Review shortly afterward created an experience I am certain I will not forget.  The college community and the writing culture here reflects the wider world in expansive ways that defy the size of the college when one looks at the numbers.  The heart of the community is larger than any one part or department.  I could call it the lifeblood of Washington College and the WCR tradition, but the word is overused and connected to lesser things in this turbulent time of reckoning in which we live.  I see it as dedication and determination, two things I admire.  I am determined to carry the lessons I have learned here at WCR and the greater community with me.  They have challenged, raised me up and humbled me, a good mix of life altering lessons in my estimation.  

Determination is a quality I find within myself that connects me to wanting to write and speak for more than myself.  Dedication is another I feel I have learned to embrace more fully here at WCR and Washington College despite challenges.  I thank my predecessors for their examples and our advisor, Dr. Meehan, for his steady leadership of our ship and crew.  Though we can strive for excellence alone, we do not achieve it on our own.  Countless others from our past, present and dreams of the future carry us through rough waters and give us guidance to navigate by as we witness their words and actions.

Keep dreaming, writing, and reading this world into a place of true community where anyone who arrives feels connected and able to rise.

All the best,



Washington College Review

December 2022

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