The Importance and Promise of Medicaid as a Women’s Health Program

A Senior Capstone Experience by Liz Hay ’22

Submitted to the Department of Economics

Advised by Dr. Robert Lynch

Contributor Biography:

Liz Hay is a graduating senior with majors in Economics and Humanities and a minor in Public Health. At WC, Liz has held positions with the SGA, GIS Lab, and Collegian literary magazine, among others. After graduating, Liz will be working as a Research Assistant in the Financial Stability division of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C.


This thesis analyzes the promise and shortfalls of Medicaid as a women’s health program. Women comprise the majority of Medicaid’s adult recipients, but the program often falls short of meeting their unique health needs. I focus on pregnant women and women over 65 as group exemplars of Medicaid’s potential to improve the health of vulnerable populations through nationwide expansion of the program and improved consistency of coverage.

Read Liz’s SCE below:

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