Featured Artist: Aryanna Horan ’23

Aryanna Horan is a Studio Art major with a psychology minor. The following works were created for ART 294: Materials & Meaning and ART 294: Collage.

Sensory Blanket

There are many different materials and textures in the Sensory Blanket. I used 10 different types of store-bought fabric and 10 different crocheted pieces. The crocheted pieces are made of 5 different types of yarn: acrylic, polyester, cotton, sheep’s wool and nylon blend, and bamboo. I also used a different stitch for each crocheted piece: soft shell, basket weave, cluster, alpine, crocodile, primrose, side saddle, jasmine, popcorn, and waffle. The pieces of store-bought fabric are sherpa, denim, felt, lace, linen, cotton, flannel, polyester-spandex blend, terrycloth, and satin.

Where am I in this story?

I am graduating in May, and I plan to have a career in art. Lately, I have been feeling excited and hopeful about the future, and life after college. I used many different materials in this piece because I am good at many different types of art, but crocheting is my current favorite! In this collage, I used some scrap papers that I was going to recycle, but I also created some small paintings and drawings specifically for the piece.

Aryanna Horan is from Ellicott City, MD. In addition to majoring in studio art, she is also minoring in psychology. She loves animals – at home she has 2 cats and 6 chickens, and at school she has a small tank of aquatic snails. Aryanna’s current favorite video game is Stardew Valley, and she also loves the NYT games Wordle and Spelling Bee. Crochet is her current favorite medium, and her mom’s friend taught her how to crochet when she was 14 years old. Aryanna is looking forward to working as an artist after she graduates.

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