Featured Artist: Morgan Carlson ’25

Morgan Carlson is an Environmental Science major with minors in Biology and Chesapeake Regional Studies.

The following was created for ART 294: Collage

Tree of My Life

This is a collage that represents myself with a tree because I feel connected to them, and they represent growth. I used the Xerox transfer technique to adhere images that represented me such as pictures of mushrooms, tea, and Ocean City to the trunk. I covered the top of the tree with a map of my hometown, Ocean Pines, and draped some unfinished jewelry projects under the top.

Parallel Universe

For this surrealist collage, I tried to create layers of different worlds that felt as unimaginable as possible. I blended natural creatures with human environments and vice versa. I created a story that could be read like a dream from the center and around its hazy wave.

Polluted Paradise

For this collage, I cut different parts of the National Geographic magazine to express how I feel about the environment. Themes of anthropogenic destruction to the environment and humanity are present in a colorful manner. I created a nuance in this work because I feel deeply grateful for the environment, but also distraught about its current and future state.

Morgan Carlson is from outside Ocean City, Maryland. They have just recently started making art again, including jewelry that they sell. On campus, they are involved in EROS, George’s Generals, Art and Art History Club, and Foreman’s Branch Bird Banding Operation. Besides art, they like to hike and explore nature, hunt for mushrooms, and spend time with friends.

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