Special Feature: Worst Sentence Contest

For the 2018 National Day on Writing we asked Washington College students to write down the worst sentences possible. This included found sentences, phrases from memory, and original content.

Here are our top ten:

“8:30am [classes] are fun and they add value to my life.”
—Sophie Grabiec ’20

“Their our know rules.”
—Katy Shenk ’21

“I am swim.”
—Becca Kanaskie ’21

“Her shoes slapped feverishly against the floor like windshield wipers slapping against my heart.”
—Olivia Libowitz ’18

“Brett Kavanaugh is a Supreme Court Justice.”
—Shannon Moran ’19

” ‘Bigly,’ he moaned.”
—Charli Lindsay, ’19

“I love only two things: Nascar and coleslaw.”
—Chloé Bailey ’20

“George Washington is a bird, flowing, purple, and bulging from a sick, small dog.”
—Megan Walsh ’21

“I would now like to begin my essay on ______.”
—Emily Holt ’19

“Ayn Rand was right.”
—Emily Holt ’19

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