Volume XXVI, SCE Issue

W4: Senior Capstone Experience

The Politics of Rhetoric: Reagan’s Rhetorical War on Nicaragua
By: Victoria Cline

Southwest Native American/White Interaction: History as told by Archaeologists, National Park Service, and Native Americans
By: Nicole DeWitt

Testing the Use of “Identity Politics” among Asian American State Legislature Candidates of the 2018 General Election
By: Mai Nguyen Do

The Meaning of Art is Lost: A Manifesto
By: Rachel Frebert

The Chester River as a Source of Nitrous Oxide to the Atmosphere
By: Catherine Gaudlip

Breaking the Cage of Structural Codes in Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red
By: Laiken Harrigan

The Author is Dead, Long Live the Author: Alt Lit, Authorship, and the Objectification of the Self Through Art
By: Charlotte Lindsay

Photography Though the Social Lens: A Case of East Baltimore and Gentrification
By: Danielle Lynch

The Effect of Gender on Animal Product Consumption Opinions and Behaviors
By: Kelsey McNaul

Stress Granules Link the Environment and Genetics, Contributing to Adult-Onset Neurodegenerative Diseases Like ALS
By: Cole Craig Rineer

Aerobic Exercise: Potential Roles in the Treatment and Prevention of Depression
By: Joshua Samuels

Which Group has a More Sustainable Model of Terrorism, Al Qaeda or ISIS?
By: Aziz Sbeih

The Ungeziefer and the Insect: the Social Connotations in the English Translation of The Metamorphosis
By: Eman Simms

“A Sea of Equilibrium:” Antoni Gaudí’s Political Undercurrent
By: Lori Wysong


Volume XXVI, SCE Issue Editorial Staff

Managing Editor, Justin Nash ’21
Associate Editor for Media and Design, MacKenzie Brady ’21