The Author is Dead, Long Live the Author – Alt Lit, Authorship, and the Objectification of the Self Through Art

Senior Capstone Experience by Charlotte Lindsay ’19

Submitted to the Department of English

Advised by Dr. Elizabeth O’Connor

Description: “‘The Author Is Dead, Long Live the Author’ is an SCE responding to the seminal Roland Barthes essay, ‘The Death of the Author,’ by looking at the short lived, contemporary literature genre ‘alt lit.’ In examining three pieces, namely the novel Richard Yates by Tao Lin and the short stories ‘Adrien Brody’ and ‘Jeremy Lin’ by Marie Calloway, the essay argues how separating authorship from these texts neglects the ways in which the performance of authorship has become a part of the overall art objects, as well as examining the ethical implications of these works of prose.”

Read Charlotte’s SCE below:

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