Volume XXIX, Issue 1

Editor’s Note

New Adventures

By: Michelle Henry, Editor-in-Chief

Faculty in Focus

Writing Community
w/Dr. Rachel Rodriguez, New Director of the Writing Center

W1: Critical Inquiry

Innovations in the Food Industry Brought About by the Design-Thought Idea of Convenience

By: Natalie Martinaitis

W2: Rhetorical Question

Hearty Harvests for Healthy Communities: A Look at Urban Agriculture and Community Gardening in America

By: Analiese Bush

The Figure and the Liminal

By: Vee Sharp

W3: Writing Across the Disciplines

The Beginning of the End: Possibilities of the Posthuman in Frankenstein

By: Erica Quinones

Voices of the Past

By: Alaina Perdon

Illegal Pangolin Trade in Sub-Saharan Africa and Its Reflection on the International Political Economy

By: Julianna Sterling

Magnifying Meaning: Making Sense of Annie Dillard’s Methods

By: Analiese Bush

Writers Together Essay: Sappho and Jahan Khatun

By: Emma Russell

British Abolition Movements and Romanticism

By: Liz Hay

Inversion of the Serpent and a Queer Reading of Coleridge

By: Vee Sharp

Virginia Woolf’s Unrecognized Female Shakespeare: Margaret Cavendish

By: Megan Loock


Featured Artists

Aryanna Horan

Morgan Carlson

Volume XXIX Issue 1 Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Henry ’23
Managing Editor, Emma Reilly ’23
Associate Editor, Natalie Martinaitis ’25