Editor’s Note

Leading and Learning

I found myself in this position almost as a surprise, but a happy one. This year, I made communication a priority, making sure everyone knew what was happening at all times. But, to be honest, Editor-in-Chief is just a title in our team. The other editors, Emma and Lucy, help me to do my job, and I help them do theirs. I wanted to make collaboration and open discussion a part of our meetings. This editor’s note is as much a word on my journey as it is a thank you to my two other editors. You both are amazing, and I hope you know that.

When I first joined WCR, I didn’t know what to expect, but I enjoyed reading papers and making edits and quickly realized that the editing field is where I belong (is it wrong to take pleasure from yelling at papers?). I have frequently found I am a hard editor, but I make it a priority to ensure every piece is as best as it can be for publication. After a few learning curves, I came to enjoy putting the readings up on WordPress, finding the process almost cathartic. It’s always so exciting to see everyone’s work up on the website, where it shines so beautifully! Now this year, as Editor-in-Chief, I am in charge of splitting up the readings for us to review. This year, I implemented talking about each of the readings, and sharing concerns about them with each other, so that it was not up to a single editor what the fate of a piece would be. I liked this, as it gave me more confidence that we were being fair to each piece.

To be honest, this experience has been as much about learning as leadership. I am thankful to my team for being supportive and dedicated to making this magazine all it can be. I am thankful to Emma for managing the email so well, and keeping us all so organized, and to Lucy, for her work on the new Instagram page, for making such beautiful graphics and for bringing even more people to our magazine. I am thankful for this opportunity, and I look forward to reading the SCEs for the next issue!

“If you want to change the world, pick up you pen and write.” –Martin Luther

–Natalie Martinaitis, Editor-in-Chief

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