Self-Portraits as Various Relatives

Senior Capstone Experience by Liane Beckley ’21

Submitted to the Department of Art & Art History: Studio Art Concentration

Description:  My work is formally rooted in composition and color. It plays with conceptual boundaries within the genre of self-portraiture. . .

The collection of film vignettes and their corresponding scripts, Self-Portraits as Various Relatives, are an alternative approach to examining the psychological relationship between myself and the family members who have influenced my behaviors. Each video and text pairing emphasize a shared recurring compulsion performed by me and/or the person named in the title of each respective piece and is presented in the form of a self-portrait. My material choices are driven by the relationship I see between myself and the habits I have inherited from family members mirroring an actor/character’s relationship with direction that is present in film. The main question posed by this series of works is one of identity: has the urge to perform these habits and compulsions originated from imitation or internal desire?

See Part of Liane’s SCE Below:

“Self-Portrait as My Grandfather”

“Self-Portrait as My Sister: 1”

“Self-Portrait as My Mother: 2”

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