We’re Here and We’re Queer: An Ethnographic Study of the Queer Community at Washington College

Senior Capstone Experience by Emily Kreider ’20

Submitted to the Department of Communication and Media Studies

Advised by Dr. Alicia Kozma

Description: The following project, centered in queer theory, explores the concept of metronormativity, its historical context, and its impact on the lives of queer rural youth. It examines how cultural bias towards urban settings has otherized rural areas to be places in which queer youth cannot thrive. The project then examines Washington College, a small private school in a rural area, to determine if metronormative ideologies are prevalent at the school and how they may impact the lives of queer college students.

Contributor Bio: Emily Kreider would like to thank Dr. Alicia Kozma and her fellow communications majors for always encouraging her to explore, debate, and deconstruct societal inequalities in the hopes of building a better and more inclusive American culture. She would also like to thank all of the Washington College students that participated in her project through surveys and interviews. Outside of the classroom Emily participated in dance club, Sho’Troupe, drama draft, and musical theatre, and she also worked as a peer tutor in the Writing Center. 

Read Emily’s SCE below:

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