Network Economy in the Aviation Industry: A Study of Multi-objective P-hub Allocation Problem with Brute-Force Search Algorithm

Senior Capstone Experience by Yisi Liu ’20

Submitted to the Department of Math and Computer Science and Department of Economics

Advised by Dr. Adalbert P. Mayer and Dr. Shaun D. Ramsey

Description: “The Hub-and-Spoke system is widely used in the airline management industry, since it brings down the total cost due to the economy of scale and also provides consumers more choices and time flexibility. But how do we choose new hubs when designing a new network?

This topic is greatly inspired by “a multiobjective hub-airport location problem for an airline network design” published 5 months ago by Soylu, B., & Katip, H (2019). The general idea of my thesis is applying the optimization methods in the network design with two goals: 1) minimize the total cost of building and maintaining network 2) minimize the number of people who need to use the 2-stop flight routes. However, there is a trade-off between total cost and customers’ satisfaction and convenience level. “

Read Yisi’s SCE below:

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