Evolution of Privacy, Data Policy and Internet Advertising in the United States

Senior Capstone Experience by Tatiana Baughman ’20

Submitted to the Department of Business Management

Advised by Dr. Caroline Le Bon

Description: My research examines social media advertising in the context of social norms and government policies over the years. It serves to inform people about the history of data collection, and hopefully bring attention to the use of personal data by companies and third parties. Now more than ever is a time for individuals to be conscious of the information and data collected on them, and how it is being used by large corporations.

Contributor Bio: I finished my undergraduate studies this past spring during the brink of a new world pandemic. Certainly a whirlwind for all, but I am excited to share that I have just recently moved to Boston in order to pursue a Master’s from the Dynamic Media Institute at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. I hope to take my critical thinking and idea exploration skills with me and apply these skills to future creative works. I hope to become a designer whose work and processes are ethical, innovative, and sustainable. I look forward to working with new communities and environments.

Read Tatiana’s SCE below:

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