Dream or Scheme: The Operations, Internal Communications, and Appeal of the American Dream in Multi-Level Marketing Companies

Senior Capstone Experience by Jenna Follin ’20

Submitted to the Department of Business Management and Department of Communication and Media Studies

Advised by Dr. Caddie Putnam-Rankin and Dr. Alicia Kozma

Description: “This thesis explores what Multi-level Marketing Companies (MLMs) are, how they function, and how these companies impact both their customers and distributors. The study includes both a literature review of sources exploring MLMs and case study interviews that I conducted of current and former Arbonne and Mary Kay distributors. The thesis aims to answer three central questions: how do MLMs operate, how does the internal communication function within them, and can/do MLMs leverage ideals of the American Dream to recruit, socialize, and/or motivate distributors?”

Contributor Bio: Jenna Follin ’20 graduated with double majors in Business Management and Communications & Media Studies with minors in Marketing and French. She was a marketing intern at the Center for Career Development that has since continued her career in the field of digital marketing through her current role post-graduation as an Ecommerce Analyst. After a few years in the workforce, Jenna potentially plans to attend a graduate program related to fields in digital marketing, analytics, or data science.

Read Jenna’s SCE below:

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