Contributors 2017

Volume XXIV

Rosalea Alger ’18 is a senior at Washington College, majoring in Theater and Anthropology. She studied abroad at Royal Holloway University of London, and continues to find inspiration and wisdom in travel. Rosie enjoys writing in a wide variety of formats, from essays on subjects about which she is passionate, to poetry, to journalism. She is an artist of all kinds, and also enjoys painting and playing the violin in her spare time.

Erin Asman ’20 is a Chemistry major with a likely Biology minor. Her love of animals has always been very prevalent and Erin plans to attend graduate school for a doctorate in veterinary medicine after Washington College. She is a co-captain for the equestrian club’s western riding team. While Erin loves the sciences, she used her Global Research and Writing class to enjoy a literature-based class. Erin chose to write her final paper on her favorite book from the class, The Kalevala and her favorite superhero, Captain America.

Emily Cross-Barnet ’17 graduated Washington College in the class of 2017 with a major in environmental studies, a political science minor, and a concentration in Chesapeake Regional Studies. She was the president of the Student Environmental Alliance at WC for two years, and is currently pursuing a career in environmental education.

Picabo French ’19 is a junior from California double majoring in biology and art. Picabo is also a member of Washington College’s Women’s Soccer Team. She is ultimately planning on becoming a physician researcher in oncology but is also interested in integrating her love for art into her studies in biology.

Amanda Gabriel ’19 is currently a Washington College junior who is majoring in biology and double minoring in Spanish and creative writing. She aspires to continue her studies after graduation from WC by entering the world of medicine with the goal of becoming a doctor. Writing has always been a passion of hers, and her decision to minor in creative writing has aided in the development of her critical thinking skills and the growth of her imagination. Not only does she believe these skills paramount in communication with others, but she also believes that critical thinking and imagination are two of the most important tools to have when practicing medicine. Between her time spent studying, Amanda is also a resident assistant, a general biology lab assistant, and a writer and photographer for The Elm.

Lisa Hamilton ’19 is a junior Psychology Major with a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience and a Marketing Minor. She is a tutor for General Psychology and a Peer Writing Consultant at the Writing Center. She is also a member of the Gibson Crew staff. Hamilton is on the executive board as the Director of Communications and Outreach for Washington College’s Habitat for Humanity. She is a member of Caring for Kids and the Student Environmental Alliance as well.

Rebecca Sachs ’17 graduated from Washington College in 2017. She majored in English and Political Science, earning departmental honors in both for her dual thesis, which explored John Milton’s Paradise Lost through the lens of feminist political theory. During her time at WAC, she spent her time working in the Writing Center, as well as interning with Prestwick House and the Maryland General Assembly. She is currently a first-year law student at The George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C.

Saoirse ’20 is a wise fool double majoring in English and Sociology with a double minor in Creative Writing and Gender Studies. She is from India and has been taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities available to her at Washington College to better understand American culture and the English language. She has been able to do so by serving as a screener for Cherry Tree, a Peer Tutor at the Writing Center and an intern at the Starr Center among her other roles on campus. She is grateful to Professor Sovich for all her advice and support in the process of writing this piece.

Daniel Teano ’18. What is nature? Better yet, what is the nature of mankind? As an Environmental Studies major, Daniel is interested in discussing our relationship with the natural environment, particularly, in how it defines who we are as human beings. Two years ago, he transferred to WC from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Coming from a large, urban university, he grew fascinated with all things natural. Though he is a senior, questions surrounding the environment still challenge him, but he looks forward to finishing his major, and figuring out what makes us human.

Jordana Qi ’18 is a senior double majoring in psychology and music with a minor in ethnomusicology. In addition to her studies, she can also be found working at the Writing Center, performing with the Washington College Chorus, and spending time with her friends in Campus Christian Fellowship. She hopes to pursue a career in disability advocacy while continuing to stay involved in the performing arts.

Kirstin Webb ’18 is a senior anthropology major with a concentration in Chesapeake Regional Studies and a minor in Psychology. She is president of the Cater Society. She is interested in the intersections between people, culture, and the environment.


Tatiana Baughman ’20 is a current Sophomore at Washington College. She is a member of the Women’s Soccer team and us double majoring in Business and Art with a Marketing minor. She is one of the sports photographers for Phil Ticknor as well as a notetaker. She is a Chestertown native with four younger siblings, and a mother who is also a photographer. They shoot together when we have the opportunity and she also takes pictures for Baughman’s soccer team. Baughman is also a member of animal impact and the art history club.

Megan Dulin ’17

Alicia Legard ’17

Rachel Rahm ’17 incorporates her artistic skills of drawing, painting, photography, and installation with her knowledge and passion for the environment. Through her hyper realistic work revolving around nature, she hopes to captivate the audience and de-familiarize what is often overlooked in order to engage new insight and encourage preservation of its beauty. She is an alumnus of Washington College’s graduating class of 2017 with a B.A. in both Art/Art History and Environmental Studies. Her work has been exhibited in the 100 Proof of Washington College; Congressional Arts Competition of Washington, D.C.; MD Higher Education of California, MD; Mattawoman Creek Art Center of Marbury, MD; and the Arts & Entertainment District’s Local Coloring Book of Chestertown, MD. She previously worked at Sandbox Initiative, a local organization for combining creativity and the environment, in Chestertown, MD. She currently works as an accountant for the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club of Vienna, VA, while pursuing her passion for painting and drawing.

Anna Watts ’18 is a senior Art Major and English Minor at Washington College. The two pieces that have been published in this review display her interest in and experimentation with portraiture and self-awareness, one using palette knife painting and the other photography.  She most commonly works in 2D mixed media, but recently has begun exploration in 3D, focusing on the Art Process, color and design. Last year, Anna started an online clothing and accessories company, Psychedco, featuring her graphic designs. Most recently, she designed the logo for a charitable music festival to raise awareness for Depression and Suicide Prevention.

Casey Williams ’18 is an English major and creative writing minor. She is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, Vice President of the Writers’ Union, and a screener for Cherry Tree. When she isn’t involved on campus, she enjoys writing, reading, and working on her art. Williams hopes to explore tensions between technology and nature in her artwork, by placing organic subjects into strict, geometric confines.

Anna Zastrow ’17 is a recent alumna. She graduated with an Art and Art History degree and an Anthropology degree, as well as a minor of Chemistry. Her work has previously been included in  several editions of The Collegian.

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