Volume XXVIII, Issue 1

Faculty in Focus

Writing Community
w/ Dr. John Boyd, Director of the Writing Center

W1: Critical Inquiry

The Eradication of Misogynoir Culture in Black Communities: How Stereotypes Perpetuate a Rape Culture
By: Meagan Kennedy

A Modern Girl Living in a Regency World: A Look into the Character of Lydia Bennet
By: Emma Russell

Dehumanization’s Presence in America and Humanitarianism
By: Juliana Sterling

Misogyny and the Bias of the Male Christian in Tennyson’s Idylls of the King
By: Joshua Torrence

W2: Rhetorical Questions

Labor Economics and the Minimum Wage (Video)
By: Emily Hurley

Did Neanderthals Love?: Evidence and Implications of Compassion in Neanderthal Healthcare Practices
By: Alaina Perdon

The Social Epidemic of HIV
By: William Reid

Theories of the Relationship Between Economic Inequality and Conflict: A Review of the Literature
By: Juliana Sterling

W3: Writing Across the Disciplines

“Here Anne spoke—”: The Achievement of Autonomy through Silence in Jane Austen’s Persuasion
By: Annalie Buscarino

Mitigating Risk While Maintaining Community: An Examination of the Effect of the Rise of Antisemitism on the American Reform Jewish Community
By: Kat DeSantis

Shapes of Motherly Sacrifice: Responsibility and Misunderstanding in Beloved and A Mercy
By: Iskandar Haggarty

An Examination of DSNY’s Organics Collection Initiative: The Costs and Benefits of Composting
By: Emily Hurley

The State of the Baymen: Barnegat Bay Recreational Fishermen’s Perceptions of Local Conservation Efforts
By: Alaina Perdon

STEM and Politics
By: Iyonna Young


Aryanna Horan
Featured Artist

Volume XXVIII Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief, Erica Quinones ’22
Managing Editor, MacKenzie Brady ’21
Associate Editor, Michelle Henry ’23