Volume XXVII, SCE Issue

Editor’s Note: A Farewell

W4: Senior Capstone Experience

Evolution of Privacy, Data Policy and Internet Advertising in the United States
By: Tatiana Baughman

STEMI Treatment Analysis and Current Research
By: Jameson Brown-Padien

Multi-Class Image Classification Using Machine Learning
By: Robert Clark

Spatial Analysis of Economic Recovery in Appalachia in the Post-Recession Period: A Senior Capstone Experience
By: Lauren Frick

Viney Intricacies: Medusa & Eve’s “Wanton” Gardens in Paradise Lost
By: Sophia Grabiec

Ni pa’ Buitres, ni Corruptos: [Lack of] Democratic Legitimacy and the Anti-Austerity Social Movement of Puerto Rico
By: Gaviota Del Mar Hernández Quiñones

Dream or Scheme: The Operations, Internal Communications, and Appeal of the American Dream in Multi-Level Marketing Companies
By: Jenna Follin

We’re Here and We’re Queer: An Ethnographic Study of the Queer Community at Washington College
By: Emily Kreider

The Impact of Restored Mangrove Forests on Fishery Populations and Biodiversity
By: Max Lambert

An In-Depth Look at Cytoreductive Surgery Paired with Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy
By: Alexandra Lee

The Biological Effects of Proton Minibeam Therapy on High-Risk Tumors
By: Ellie Lienert

Network Economy in the Aviation Industry: A Study of Multi-objective P-hub Allocation Problem with Brute-Force Search Algorithm
By: Yisi Liu

The ‘Dreamlike Downward Career of a Girl’: Compounding Trauma in Jean Rhys’s Voyage in the Dark
By: Abby Wargo

Craft and the Corporation
By: Maura West

Guerilla Warfare: Repressing the Other in Contemporary Art Museums
By: Casey Wolhar

Volume XXVII, SCE Issue Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief, Justin Nash ’21
Managing Editor, MacKenzie Brady ’21
Associate Editor, Erica Quinones ’22