Volume XXIV

Faculty in Focus

The Power of Paragraphs
w/ Michael Harvey, Associate Professor, Department of Business Management

W1: Critical Inquiry

Reflecting Upon the Use of Genetic Manipulation and Drugs for Physical and Cognitive Enhancement Purposes
By: Lisa Hamilton

Superheroes and Mortal Beings
By: Erin Asman

W2: Rhetorical Questions

The Effects of Google on Our Minds
By: Amanda Gabriel

The Ecology of Possession
By: Emily Cross-Barnet

By: Saoirse

Opening the Door: A Discussion about Cultural and Biological Diversity
By: Kirstin Webb

W3: Writing Across the Disciplines

Reinventing Feminism: Black Women’s Theatre on the Modern British Stage
By: Rosalea Alger

Sounds and Songs of Sailing: A Historical and Theoretical Perspective on the Performance and Content of Sea Shanties
By: Jordana Qi

The Divine as Seen by Man
By: Picabo French

Seeing is Caring
By: Daniel Teano

W4: Senior Capstones

“Hee for God only, she for God in him”: The Sexual Contract of Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’
By: Rebecca Sachs

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Volume XXIV Editorial Staff

Managing Editor, Caroline Harvey ’18
Associate Editor for Media and Design, Kylie Hargrave ’17