Issue XXV

Faculty in Focus

Scientific Writing is Challenging and Can Inspire Change
w/ Robin Van Meter, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science/Studies and Biology

W1: Critical Inquiry

Finding Bigfoot in Modern-Day American Society: How Sasquatch Has Become a Marker for American Consumerism
By: Adahne Hemp

The Effects of Capitalism on American Health
By: Maggie Witham

“Dark Humor” and the Facilitation of Hatred
By: Elizabeth Collins

Thought Control in Brazil and Parable of the Sower
By: Rian Van Tassell

The Hypocrisy of the So-Called Individualist Teen: An Exploration of the Changing Theme of Individuality within The Faculty
By: Katherine Porter

Making and Breaking a Family in Wiseguy
By: Sarah Bowden

Defending Children and Infants in Medical Care Decisions Made by Their Parents
By: Elizabeth Lilly

The Difficulty of Being Good
By: Saoirse

W2: Rhetorical Questions

Dance in Nazi Germany
By: Caroline Cox

We Are Our Own Demise: the Risk of Ignorance in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,  The Red Badge of Courage, and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave
By: Annalie Buscarino

Closing the Gap: The Positive Impacts of Women’s Representation in American Legislatures
By: Mai Do

W3: Writing Across the Disciplines

The Ineffable Self and Memory in Mrs. Dalloway 
By: Emily Holt

The Inspiration for Social Change
By: Eman Simms

“Let Us Speak Our Love”: Romance and Eroticism in the Lyric Friendship Poetry of Katherine Philips
By: Shannon Neal

W4: Senior Capstones

Senior Recital
By: Michael DeMaio

Rediscovering Empathy: Arguments for the Eco-Feminization of Traditional Masculinity
By: Dan Teano

Artwork: Iconography

Tatiana Baughman
Featured Artist

Rachel Frebert
Featured Artist

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Volume XXV Editorial Staff

Managing Editor, Caroline Harvey ’18

Associate Editor for Media and Design, Justin Nash ’21