Featured Artist: Tatiana Baughman

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From the artist:

“In January 2018 I was very fortunate to join the Least of These Ministries in their missions trip to Barahona in the Dominican Republic. My mother and I, even my younger brother, were to document the work of the ministry as they provided food and sermon for the Dominican people in the bateys. We—my mom, brother, the leader Marty Hogan, the rest of the Dominican members, and I—spent our days waking up and riding on the back of a truck to the warehouse where we keep the pallets of food. We would load the trucks and ride out to the bateys for the routine stops of food distribution and Sunday school sermons. I feel so blessed to be in the United States. We have such structure and access/opportunity that many people do not even know exist. I feel very humbled to have gone on the trip and so fortunate to have met the people, both those in the ministry and those elsewhere. I hope to make it back this January for a second trip to further document and connect with the people through the work with the Least of These Ministries.”

—Tatiana Baughman

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